Our Purpose Objectives & Mission

'How We Do This' Is By:

Being an influential organization on a local, state, and national level.

Facilitating cooperation among all Republican Women.

Fostering loyalty to the Republican Party and promoting its ideals.

Working for the election of true Republican Party nominees.

The President's Message

Hello Friends,

It's a new month and we have hit the ground running for a big election year! We have some great candidate forums for you to participate in. Think about what questions you want to ask the candidates that apply to their specific race and responsibilities. We are interviewing them for the job. I hope it helped you learn about the caucus last month and I encourage you to attend. There are a variety of ways to have your voice heard. You can run to be in precinct leadership, be a county or state delegate, or simply vet and ask questions in your precinct to make sure someone who shares your values is elected to represent you.  If you are following the legislative session there is always a lot to keep track of. Let us know if there is a specific bill you are following. Some of us have been working with Representative Jack on a new bill to protect children from sexual content and to strengthen our criminal codes.

Our Sunshine Caucus is working hard and they are always wanting to hear from you. I am happy to see Utah take a stand on protecting women's and children's private spaces, decrease DEI in our higher education, and continue to remove pornographic material from our public schools. There are many, many more bills to watch for and communicate with our legislature for the next month. We are excited to have our annual post-legislative forum with the Sunshine Caucus in April. Enjoy this beautiful month, I look forward to seeing you!

- Haylee Caplin, WCRW President, February 2024

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