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February has flown by and we continue to be blessed with so much rain and snow! I started to question if I was still in southern Utah :) Many of you joined us for Lincoln Day. Thank you for helping us sponsor the most tables for the second year in a row! I really enjoyed the messages from Jason Chaffetz and Robert C. O'Brien. Although we have many problems we are facing as a nation, they reminded us that we are a nation of faith, family, and freedom and God will help us prevail.  

In addition, this legislative session I have been pleased to see Utah take a stand on many issues to provide support to parents and protect children. I was reminded by a friend that it is the government's job to protect its people not to protect government entities. We have much work to do, but I am encouraged in the grass roots actions I see and people moving the legislative process forward in a positive way. Let us continue to move forward in diligence and faith and invite others to join us in maintaining the principles of the Republican platform.  

-- Haylee Caplin, WCRW President, March 2023

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